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Hacking a Child's Ride-On Toy to Hit 40 MPH Trades Safety for Fun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With a top speed of around four or five miles per hour, most ride-on toys don’t provide much of a thrill—unless you throw safety out the window. The irresponsible chaps from YouTube’s The Real Life Guys channel upgraded a simple ride-on toy with a 15 horsepower engine that can accelerate it to over 40 mph in less than three seconds.

The BIG Bobby Car is usually powered by kids, or gravity, if a toddler is able to find a hill while their parents are distracted. But with the addition of a beefy electric motor, some reinforced wheels, and a set of handlebars strapped to its dinky steering wheel, it suddenly becomes a toy for kids who no longer live with their parents. Although, living at home as an adult would probably give you a lot of spare time to think up hacks like this.

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