Half Price Harman Kardon Headphones Are Your Deal of the Day

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Well, hello there, price-matching. At some time during the wee hours of March 10, 2013, several sites across the Internet — except for the Apple Store — cut the price of the Harman Kardon CL headphones in half. They were $200, but now they're $100. That's an enormous price drop that's rarely seen for headphones of this caliber. Giz alum Adrian Covert reviewed these headphones last year and only had nice things to say:

When you compare them to other lightweight, closed-back $200 pairs of cans, there aren't many that can top the CLs. The P5s may have superior construction and better imaging, and the TMA-1s may feel more durable, but neither combines price, design, portability and sound quality in quite the same way the CLs do.

Real people aren't concerned with the extreme nuances of audio. But they're sure that $20 pair isn't quite cutting it. For them, these Harman Kardons are a very good pair of headphones.

If there aren't many other $200 pairs of closed-back cans that can compare to the Harman Kardon CLs, then they're an absolute steal at $100. Usually a price drop like this signals a new model coming out soon, but these headphones will still sound great even if there's newer, shiner models out. Plus, they look sweet. Bottom line is that these are well-reviewed headphones that cost $100 less today than they cost yesterday. That's the definition of a deal. [Amazon, Best Buy, Worldwidestereo]


Update 4:55: Damn, looks like they're back to $200 everywhere we linked to. But Rakuten Buy.com - the only site with the discount we didn't initially link to - still has them for $100. [Rakuten]

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You Shouldn't Pay More Than $20 For Starcraft II

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It took a while, but Starcraft II finally has come down to the price range old Blizzard games live at: $20. Tomorrow, Heart of the Swarm, the first Starcraft II expansion, comes out. In fact, the launch party is going on right now. What this means is that the base game will eventually get a permanent price cut. But the sale pricing for Starcraft II has already started — if you're not vigilant, you'll end up paying $30+ (like the price on Amazon right now) but if you can wait a few days you can definitely find it for $20. Like today. It's $18 at Newegg with the code STW311. It's $20 at Best Buy too. [Newegg]



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Don't Panic


On Douglas Adams' birthday — immortalized in a Google Doodle — a great price for all five books in the Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy. It's $11.50 for the paperbacks on [Amazon]. Starting in 1979, Douglas Adams started publishing the Hitchhiker's Guide series, which made a lot of people angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.


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Dumb TV → Smart TV



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11" Lenovo Yoga ($550) | Amazon via Laptopaholic | Originally $800 | 11" Yoga prices have been plummeting



24" Samsung 1080p Monitor ($190) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $230
23" IPS Dell Monitor ($200) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $300
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Bare Drives

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Weple Today ($0) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $1
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Horse Races Now ($0) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $2
Hatchi ($0) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $1
NFL Kicker 13 ($0) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $2
Electrum Drum Machine ($1) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $4
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