With Halloween around the corner, there's one thought that scares us more than any other. It's not Dracula or reanimated corpses. It's not TP'd houses or razor blade candy. It's the day when robots turn on humans in the battle for Earth. And to prep for the event, we're throwing a contest. Dress up like a robot that's turned on the human race, maybe win a pizza.We want you to get creative. We're talking about a whole pizza on the line with toppings of your choosing—this isn't something you can just go out and buy for yourself on a whim. Your interpretation of robots turning on the human race can be as adolescent or apocalyptic as you'd like. Make us laugh or make us cry. Whatever. The only catches are that all submissions must be: 1. Original Non-Photoshopped Photos 2. Received by November 1st Send all of your best shots to tips@giz with the headline "Robots Turn on Humans" for entry, along with your contact info. And good luck. We're really looking forward to seeing your work, puny humans.