Halo Ultraviolet Vacuum Is Like Nuclear Man for Germs: Destroys Their Will to Live

The Halo UV Vacuum aims to make paranoid germophobes not flee your home at the site of your carpet, which typically contains 100,000 dust mites per square yard. It claims to terminate the mold, dust mites, germs, viruses, bacteria and other microscopic creepy-crawlers lurking in your carpet and mattress with extreme prejudice—granted, I don't know if anything can kill what's undoubtedly festering in my roommate's mattress.

It also sports a HEPA filter, telescoping handle and automatic height shifter. Plus, the rep promised me it could totally handle the Oreck challenge and lift a bowling ball, which totally sold me.


If the germ genocide works, the only things that suck (sorry, had to) are the price ($400, like another sweet vacuum) and that the UV light doesn't make for a fun light show to keep you entertained while you vacuum, which is what I was hoping for. More pics after the jump.


Product Page [Halo]

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