Hammer Films Bringing Old School SciFi Schlock to MySpace

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Hammer Films were made infamous by their never-ceasing onslaught of schlocky 50s and 60s horror films (think Christopher Lee in Hammer's Dracula), but they also released several great low-budget science fiction films. Now the company, defunct since the early 1980s, is back. They'll be releasing new films on MySpace, including the forthcoming (and winningly-titled) After the Rave, before they become available on DVD. With any luck, they'll be giving us some low-budget science fiction fare to boot. Our picks of Hammer's best scifi schlock after the jump.

  • Spaceways: This 1953 film features a scientist trying to prove that he didn't kill his girlfriend's ex husband by launching him into space. That's one clever way to get rid of a jealous boyfriend.
  • Moon Zero Two: Coming just a year after 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968, this film featured human colonizing the moon, an asteroid made out of sapphire, and a shootout. It was billed as a Western in space, trumping Firefly by a few decades.
  • The Quatermass Xperiment: Probably Hammer's most successful science fiction film ever released, this 1955 flick features the first man in space getting infected during the flight and mutating into a bizarre alien insectoid.
  • X The Unknown: This was meant to be a sequel to The Quatermass Xperiment, but the writer of the original novel wasn't happy with the first film, and refused to allow his Quatermass character to appear in this film about a British Army base in Scotland being attacked by a giant radioactive creature who lives underground.
  • Four Sided Triangle: Two friends who fall in love with the same woman also happen to be working on a cloning machine called The Reproducer (take that, marketing departments!) solve their problems by duplicating her. Except the clone and the original both fall in love with the same man. Doubly screwed, and not in a good way.
  • Quatermass and the Pit: This was the first Hammer film in the Quatermass series, and was released later in the United States as Five Million Years To Earth. Workers find a strange metal tube of extraterrestrial origin while building the British subway system, and it ends up being filled with weird alien locusts.
  • Quatermass 2: Also known as Enemy From Space, this sequel to the other Quatermass films has scientists investigating an alien base on the Earth which turns out to be a forerunner of an alien invasion. This Quatermass guy sure gets into a lot of trouble.

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I've been obsessed with Moon Zero Two for months, now, watching and re-watching the MST3K'd version, which I downloaded via eMule a while back. The special effects aren't very special, it's true, but the music, fashions, acting and general mood of the thing are completely unique and oddly compelling in an almost hypnotic kind of way. The hippy-dippy opening theme song and the Cold War-themed animated credit sequence have to be seen to be believed.