Hamster-powered mecha offers its pilot protection from nosy cats

Designer I-Wei Huang (aka Crabfu) was so inspired by Theo Jansen's kinetic sculptures that he built a hamster-powered walker. Says Crabfu of the walker and its furry test pilot, Princess:

Princess is a tiny little thing, much smaller than what I had imagined and prepared for. I was afraid that her weight wouldn't be enough to get the ball going. But luckily it all worked out great, and test pilot Princess had no problems getting the strandbeest up to speed. When the cat walked in, I expected that it would provide some motivation on both parties, but they didn't really cared about each other. In fact, Princess kept going towards to cat, and eventually the cat just lost interest and walked away.


[Spotted on MAKE]


Vulcan Has No Moon

Hamster mech needs vulcan cannons, anti-tank missiles, and a free-electron laser for true kitteh fighting abilities.