Hand Drawing Sheet Music Is Such an Impressive Skill

Making music is art. And so is making a blank piece of paper sing. Watch as sheet music is hand drawn using charcoal, graphite, a ruler, and a triangle. The amount of work is ridiculous—I mean, drawing the straight lines for the template is already hard enough—but it’s pretty damn satisfying to see the notes get slowly filled in. Who knows what it’ll sound like but it sure looks amazing.


The video was filmed by Justin Greak, you can see more of his hand-drawn sheet music here.


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I blame a Junior High school drafting class for my pen/pencil addiction...lol, I’m hooked on JetPens.com like a junkie. There’s nothing like a fine writing instrument to get you wanting to draw and/or write, so I could easily see myself doing something like this for no other reason than finding it challenging, yet relaxing.