Handheld Semi-Portable Gamecube

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Ben the Geamecube fan spent a month of lonely nights modding his Gamecube controller, Gamecube, and LCD screen into a portable franken-console of Nintendo delights. This thing cost him around 200 ($370) to build, and weighs 2 kg (4 lbs).


He could have made this completely portable by adding a battery pack, but he decided to cut down on the weight and have it be externally powered. Pretty neat overall, but Ben says he won't make anymore. Maybe if you ask him real nicely, he'll show you how to make one yourself.

Handheld Gamecube [N-Central]



not a bad looking portable, just FYI portable gamecubes have been done several times before, and smaller too http://benheck.com/phpBB/viewtopi…


and so forth, all of these are by benheck forum members. gamelver(second link), TT1.0(first link)