Hands On: HTC's Titan Is One Giant Windows Phone Sonofabitch

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HTC has done the unthinkable and created a massive phone named Titan. It weighs over a third of a pound, has a gigantic 4.7-inch screen (Christ...), has a 1.5 Ghz processor of some sort, and, yeah, is huge. Bonus: Mango!

Aside from being as wide as the prairies, the Titan's surprisingly svelte—512 MB of memory, 8 MP back and 1.3 MP front cameras, and that aforementioned processor are all tucked within 9.9 millimeters of brushed aluminum body. It's thinner than an iPhone 4. Not so bad! Powerful guts—and it is zippy—with all the bounty of WP7 Mango actually has us kind of excited. Although, I maintain that 4.7 inches is overkill—not to mention the 800x480 resolution is looking a little ragged stretched across that much screen.


Fortunately, HTC's also got the Radar up its sleeve—a more reasonable 3.8-incher, with a 1Ghz chip, 512 MB of memory, 5 MP back/VGA front cams, and (yes!) Mango. It's technically a mid-range phone, but it's one of those little reminders that HTC probably cares more about design than any phone company this side of Apple, with the aluminium body feeling just as fantastic as it looks.

Both models are 3G only and might get a non-Euro name change if and when they hit the US—which, HTC isn't saying when it'll happen—but we really are thrilled to see more choice in Mango handsets. Please, Microsoft and everything you put your seed into—please be amazing. We want you to be good. Even if it means carrying around 4.7 inch displays in our pockets. [HTC]

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It's such a damn shame that HTC gave up on AMOLED screens after the Incredible. Their build quality is the best on the planet (yes, the best) and they pump out so many phones in so many form factors that they've got almost everybody's tastes covered.

But after seeing the Samsung Focus, I just don't think I can handle Windows Phone 7 on an LED screen. Microsoft's OS is just startlingly beautiful when the black background blends in seamlessly with the device's bezel and the the sparse, bright foregrounds just float directly on the face of the slab. Even a high-quality Super LCD or IPS screen can't create the ultra-dark black background necessary to complete that effect.

Unfortunately, Samsung is the only game in town making phones with AMOLED screens and their build quality tends to be terrible. Their phones don't fall apart in your hands or anything, but they just *feel* sub par when you pick them up. They're hard to get excited about.

So I will continue to sit around with my aging Nexus One, the last perfect execution of phone design in my eyes, waiting for something to come along that's equal or superior in software, screen, and build quality. Eventually somebody will get everything right.