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Ever want to pretend you can play a bunch of popular songs on guitar even though you can barely strum along to an A chord? Well now's your chance to redeem yourself with Guitar Hero for the PS2. Guitar Hero uses an awesome miniature guitar controller to help you rock out to songs like "I Wanna Be Sedated" among other classics. You have a strumming controller by the bridge and 5 seperate buttons along the neck that act as frets. The game makes you hold a combination of the fret buttons down while strumming in time to the song. It's extremely fun and easy to pick up if you play guitar or bass, but takes a few tries to get the hang of it if you're like John (It's okay, we all fail at something in life sooner or later muahahaha). The guitar controller even has a whammy bar for making solos extra unique in certain situations. Overall, Guitar Hero is a pretty nice adaption of DDR to the guitar. Don't break a finger with all that shredding though, mkay?


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