Hands-on with the Philips Aurea (Verdict: One for the Boudoir)

Philips' Aurea TV has been all over IFA, but what does its target market (Hey Lay-deez?) think about it. Well, while Jesus got a hunger for its form, Lindsay, Philips' PR person, and I had a discussion about where we would put it if we had one. And the verdict? In our bedrooms.

Lindsay's bedroom walls are a dark chocolate, but she was prepared to paint one wall a paler color (taupe was, I think, the word she used) to mount the Aurea on. Being an old-fashioned girl, I don't have a TV in my bedroom, I prefer to play with my Action Man figures in peace but, after seeing it in the flesh, I could imagine an Aurea going up on the wall there.


The other thing Lindsay said was that she and her boyfriend argued about the Ambilight TV they already had. Whereas she said yes to soft mood color changes and less eye-strain, he was not so keen on it. I guess a lot of coin-flipping goes on in that household.

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