Haptic Weather Forecaster Lets You Feel Tomorrow's Temperature

The Sun? Clouds? Little wavy lines? These cryptic icons used by meteorologists only serve to confuse those of us wanting to know tomorrow's forecast. So Robb Godshaw created this easy-to-understand forecasting device that lets you feel what tomorrow's temperature will be.

Robb, an industrial design student at Rochester Institute of Technology, created the Cryoscope from a heat sink, cooling fan, and a Peltier element, which is kind of like a thermo-electric pump that can transfer heat from one area to another. All the elements are encased in an aluminum cube which heats up or cools down to reflect tomorrow's predicted air temperature.

A simple web app lets you specify your location, so the forecast is—you know—accurate. And on the underside of the cube a red and blue colored LED provides a visual cue to the predicted temp, in case the Cryoscope is hot enough to make you wish you hadn't touched it. [Robb Godshaw via Cnet]

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Nothing to See Here!

Did he mention how it cools down?

A heat sink and fan is only going to get it the temperate of the room.

This doesn't look very useful, not even as a novelty. I doubt it works very well. But it was probably just for school and not to be taken seriously.

I like the little pencil factory he has though. If only he didn't use stop motion to demonstrate how it works ^_^