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If you're like most people new to the digital age, you definitely know how tiresome it is to go through your entire music collection, rip one CD at a time at the computer, and then stuff 'em into your music player of choice. Or maybe you want a fancy ringtone for your cellphone but don't want to pay for ridiculously overpriced ringtone songs.

The solution: Hard-Fi, a hi-fi with a built-in hard drive. Transferring music to your MP3 player or cellphone is literally a button away — stick your CD in, press a button, and watch the tunes fly straight into your device of choice. The Hard-Fi would also be great as a music storage device, with its 40GB capacity that can hold around 700 albums. We're not too sure how much compression that requires though, so we're saying let the buyer beware on that front. From the website, it looks like there'll also be in-car and boombox versions, though we have no confirmation on that. In fact... it looks like we have no confirmation on price nor availability of the main unit either. We're guessing this is still in prototype stage, so we're hoping it'll actually leave vaporware zone.


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