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Harold Camping 'Flabbergasted' The World Did Not End

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Harold Camping speaks! The 89-year-old Nostradamus from Northern California, who spent millions of his followers' dollars to get out the word that the world was ending on Saturday, has been noticeably silent since that day came and went rather unremarkably. But he's at last ready to talk — and oy, what a weekend. Don't get him started.

Appearing at his front door, reports, Camping told the crowd of journalists and angry followers that "it has been a really tough weekend."

[T]here was Camping, "flabbergasted" in Alameda, wearing tan slacks, a tucked-in polo shirt and a light jacket. [...]

"I'm looking for answers," Camping said, adding that meant frequent prayer and consultations with friends.

"But now I have nothing else to say," he said, closing the door to his home. "I'll be back to work Monday and will say more then."


Sure, easy for him to say! What about poor Robert Fitzpatrick, the former MTA employee we told you about earlier, who spent his savings on doomsday subway ads and billboards. Here's video of him being accosted by an angry mob in Times Square. Downside: No apocalypse. Upside: Jersey Boys is half-off at the TKTS booth! [sfgate, video via Daily What]