Hate Spiders? Then This Is the Last Clock You'll Want Hanging on Your Wall

In the electronics world, Sony has made a name for itself with the occasional off-the-wall design. But in the watchmaking world, it’s a company called MB&F who’s responsible for some of the craziest clocks you’ve ever seen. And its latest creation will give arachnophobics the creeps.


The MB&F Arachnophobia isn’t pretending to be anything other than a horological masterpiece that’s designed to look like a giant spider, complete with a bulbous body-like clock face on top, and a set of eight long legs it can stand on.

You can leave the Arachnophobia standing on your desk, but to really up the creep-factor MB&F includes a special rod allowing the clock to be mounted to a wall so it looks like the spider is scampering down from the ceiling. Every time you glance over to check the time, you’ll be subconsciously reaching for a rolled-up newspaper.


So how does MB&F justify charging between $15,800 to just over $18,000 (depending on the finish and metals used) for a creation that kind of looks like something you’ll find on ThinkGeek? What you’re really paying for is that complex and highly-engineered Swiss watch movement that powers those curved hands on top. It’s basically a fancy Swiss watch, but with a little more novelty than the horological world is used to.

[MB&F via Hodinkee]


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