"Haven" reveals the identity of the Bolt Gun Killer and why Audrey loves the Colorado Kid

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Major revelations abounded on last night's episode of Haven! Duke and Audrey went looking for the Colorado Kid in the logical place possible-Colorado-and learn the game changing truth about his relationship with Audrey. Plus, the Bolt Gun Killer is finally revealed-but what does this revelation means? We even manage to squeeze in a Trouble of the Week. Spoilers!


Now that James Cogan, the Colorado Kid, has both a face and a name, Duke and Audrey head off to Colorado to find Cogan's mother, June. But she leaves just as the latest Trouble starts. The Hamiltons are a pair of parents whose daughter has fallen out of a tree and died. The father wants to call the police, but the mother tells them that they need to wait until sundown. Suddenly, the little girl appears, happy and alive. The next morning, however, the mother is run down in a parking lot. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN.

Nathan, sensing something Troubling about this new death is on the case. Dan Hamilton raises a fuss to prevent his wife from receiving an autopsy, and Bowen learns that Dan just withdrew a huge sum of money. When Dan's wife comes back to life at sundown, Nathan and Bowen put the pieces together: someone is killing rich Haven residents, then extorting money from them to bring them back to life. Nathan learns that the car that ran down Mrs. Hamilton belongs to the Hamiltons' business partners, the Coopers. But when Nathan and Bowen head to the Carters' home, Mr. Carter has been shot dead and Mrs. Carter is wailing hysterically, saying that she paid the money and someone was supposed to come and lay hands on him.

Nathan and Bowen figured that the extortionist is someone who worked for both families, and they identify Moira. Sure enough, Moira's sister Noelle has a Trouble, only it's not so troublesome. If she touches a dead person before sundown on the day they die, she can "absorb" their death, bringing them back to life-though she'll only risk absorbing one death a day. Noelle and her boyfriend are both EMTs, but it's Moira who came up with this extortion plot. She resents Noelle for failing to bring their father back to life, and ridicules Noelle for resurrecting folks for free. During an argument, she ends up shooting Noelle's boyfriend just moments before sundown, prompting Noelle to hurriedly bring him back to life.

But Nathan's also dealing with Jordan, who tells him that her fellow Guard member Grady is missing. Between Grady's watch and his Guard tattoo, Nathan suspects Grady of being the Bolt Gun Killer captured on the ATM footage of on of the killer's kidnappings. Jordan calls on Dwight to help her locate Grady, and when they find him, he's dead, dead, dead. In fact, he's been dead far too long to have kidnapped the woman in the ATM video. Dwight calls Nathan and tells him he found Grady's skeleton along Route 17.

Over in Colorado, Duke and Audrey have found June, who tragically has Alzheimer's and doesn't quite remember Audrey. In a moment of lucidity, however, she calls Audrey "Sarah" and asks why she changed her hair (Sarah was a redhead, after all). Audrey is confused; she thought she knew June as Lucy, not Sarah. She does learn, however, that the Guard has a transfer station out here on some sort of Troubled underground railroad. She suspects that, in a past life, she may have helped relocate Troubled people.

Duke pinches June's scrapbook, and the pair learn that James Cogan was married to a woman named Arla. Audrey and Duke get pretty kissy face after that, but Audrey shuts it down, reasoning that she only has days left to rectify the situation if she screws up their friendship with sex. Sorry, Duke. She does, however, get a bright idea on how to refresh June Cogan's memory. Audrey dons a red wig and visits June one more time. June gets weepy and apologizes to Audrey/Sarah, saying she tried to take good care of Sarah's son.


Oh. Ohhhhhh. So that's why he's called the Colorado Kid.

Audrey returns to Haven, digesting the information that she was a mama in a past life. Nathan and Bowen track down Moira and Noelle, but while Nathan checks the coordinates of their location in Bowen's GPS, he discovers that Bowen recently drove to Route 17. After they find Noelle and stick her in the backseat, Nathan sends Bowen to search Moira's cabin while he inspects the trunk of Bowen's car-and finds the bolt gun. "It's a nice one," Bowen tells him. "I modified it myself." He shoots Bowen dead, takes a few shots at a fleeing Noelle, and when Duke and Audrey arrive on the scene, claims Moira killed Nathan.


Okay, a lot to process here. I'd be surprised if Nathan isn't revived in the next episode, but what's going on with Bowen? Is he really Tommy Bowen? Is he a Troubled person? After this episode, I tend to suspect he's a shapeshifter who took the form of Grady for the ATM video-plus, we never did see who came into Bowen's motel room the night he arrived in Haven. Could it have been the real Tommy Bowen? And what is he doing with all those lady parts?

And what does it mean that Audrey had a kid back when she was Sarah? Some of us were speculating a few episodes back that Audrey might stop disappearing if she had a kid to pass her Trouble immunity onto, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Was James Cogan also immune to the Troubles? Did he disappear with the Hunter when Lucy did? Is his father one of the Teagues brothers? And if he married this Arla woman, does that mean one of Audrey's acquaintances might also be her grandchild? And how many of these questions will be answered next episode?




I read a theory that Nathan is "Lucy's" child and that is why he can feel Audrey. That would be sweet cause she could love Nathan but be with Duke. I can dream can't I?