HBO Go Is Finally Coming to Your iPad

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Well that took interminably long. Time Warner Inc and Time Warner Cable have finally inked a deal that will bring the much-anticipated streaming service to TWC HBO and Cinemax subscribers within the next month.

The two Time Warners will first run a brief Beta period but have announced today that they plan to launch the service to all HBO subscribers on their networks by the end of January. Those customers who subscribe to both HBO and Cinemax will have unlimited access to 1800 programming options. HBO only subscribers will see 1400 options and Cinemax subscribers will be able to access 400 titles. All customers need is a computer with high-speed Internet access—that includes iPads. No word yet if it'll work on set-top boxes like the Roku or the WDTV live, stay tuned for updates at they happen. [Engadget]