HD DVD Launch Hits Technical Problems

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Warner Home Video had marked March 28 as the release date of the first high-definition DVD title, but the company might miss that date because of technical problems. Warner Home Video division president Ron Sanders was doubtful about the release date:

To be honest, the outlook is tenuous — were still coming out with an initial slate, but we may be a week or two later; we just don't know.


Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment has still not set a date for its first HD DVD release, with sources saying they d be surprised if any titles arrived in stores before mid-April from that company. Universal Studios Home Entertainment has also not announced any ship dates for HD DVD titles.

Toshiba, the only company that said it would release an HD DVD player before the end of March, will reportedly ship just 10,000 players initially, and will only offer its lower-priced ($500) HD-A1 player. Even so, the company vows to have players available by the end of this month. So the launch of HD DVD begins not with a bang, but a whimper.


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