HD Spy Glasses Let You Stalk Future Plaintiffs in 720p

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Whether you're a private eye, an insecure lover, or just an especially industrious pervert, the days of grainy, black and white video being good enough are long gone. You crave HD. ZionEyez Spy Glasses have you covered with their built-in 720p video camera.

The sleek shades also come equipped with a microphone, 8GB of storage for up to three hours of recording time, and a microUSB port. They can also connect via Bluetooth and WiFi, which when coupled with ZionEyez' iPhone and Android apps lets you upload on the go. They seem pretty impressive all around, and they're discreet enough to pass as regular sunglasses. Just remember: leering at attractive strangers, mouth agape, is more creepy while wearing sunglasses, not less. [ZionEyez via ZDnet]