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Just when we started getting used to the HDMI interface, they've gone and upgraded it again, where it will now support what's known as "deep color." The group controlling the interface, HDMI LLC—founded by Sony, Thompson, Philips, Matsushita, Hitachi, and Toshiba—decided to upgrade HDMI to version 1.3, where the increased bandwidth will allow support of 1080p displays with up to 36-bit RGB color. HDMI President of Licensing Leslie Chard explains:

"The color bit depth [of today's displays] is typically 24-bits RGB - that gets you 16 million colors, and the human eye can distinguish that. That leads to scaling and onscreen effects which you can pick up. Either 36-bit or 48-bit RGB is beyond the ability of the human eye to distinguish."


We have seen scaling, and it's not all that pretty. In areas where there are subtle gradations of the same color, you can see bands of color across the screen. Beyond about 30-bit color, we can't see the difference. Anyway, expect to see numerous products by the end of the year that support this HDMI 1.3 spec, and then colors will be far deeper than any of us can see. That's great: pay extra, get a new product that supports something you can't see. Sounds like a flea circus.

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