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Anyone with newer displays has heard about DVI and HDMI connections. That's because DVI (Digitial Visual Interface) and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) both pretty much do the same thing, transmitting digital hi def+ pictures to TVs and monitors. But HDMI, which can carry surround sound audio along with that pretty image in a single cord, appears to have won the battle.


According to analyst firm In-Stat, the DVI interface will drop from 112 million shipped products in 2007 to just 3 million shipped products by 2011. And that number is really startling when you realize that HDMI will be included in 143 million shipped products this year alone. That number includes 90% of digital TVs on the market.

So for those looking for the easiest compatibility going into the future, go with HDMI products. For those with DVI in their home theater infrastructures, HDMI to DVI converters are a simple solution. [extremetech]

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