HDTV Ultra-Revealing in 2006 World Series

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As the 2006 World Series goes into Game 5 tonight, HDTV reveals every move with a eye that's significantly more discerning than in days past. In fact, that "clump of dirt" Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers had on his left hand in Game 2 on Sunday never would've come to light if we hadn't seen shot after shot from Fox's eagle-eyed HDTV cameras, revealing that questionable smudge for all the world to see. Kudos to Fox's ace broadcast team, showing us that the camera never blinks, especially if it's in glorious live HD.

Here's an example of technology revealing perhaps more than the players would like. Gizmodo readers are keenly aware of the advantages of HDTV, so what do you think? Many of you saw the HDTV coverage showing that brown-yellow stain on Rogers' pitching hand during the first inning of Sunday's game. Was it just a bit of dirt, or was it a bit of against-the-rules pine tar that added that extra snap to his pitches?


What's the dirt on Kenny Rogers? [USA Today]

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