HeadPhone Gets Your Plugged-In Zombie Coworkers' Attention

Illustration for article titled HeadPhone Gets Your Plugged-In Zombie Coworkers Attention

The fact that HeadPhone exists is both sad and brilliant. Sad, because it's actually a problem that it can be really hard to get someone's attention at work because of perma-headphones. Brilliant, because Headphone pretty much fixes this problem.


The app is super small and does only one thing—shoot an un-ignorable "X WANTS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION" pop-up window to your headphoned coworker's screen. No need to yell at them, punch their shoulder, or spin their chair around, as is often the case with me. Select the drone in question from a drop down list (as long as they're on the same network as you), and kaboom—their attention is yours. No need to actually worrying about listening to anyone, ever again. Phew.

Just hope your coworkers aren't dicks, because there's nothing stopping them from spamming you with constant digital screams for attention. [HeadPhone via LaughingSquid]

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This whole writeup is wrong because the vast, vast, unignorably huge majority of people's coworkers are on Windows PCs.