Illustration for article titled Healthcare.govs Data Center Went Down Over the Weekend just can't catch a break. Over the weekend, the data center supporting the part of the site that determines eligibility experienced an outage that affected 14 states and Washington, D.C.

The data center is run by Verizon's Terramark, which says the glitch happened during some planned maintenance. The system—which Verizon is working to make sure is back up and running smoothly—is necessary to determine whether or not someone is eligible for tax credits to lower the cost of their monthly premiums. There is no word as to when the data center will be working properly again.


This issue is the latest in a seemingly endless flood of technical difficulties in getting people signed up for government health care. Problems with the site are supposed to be solved by the end of November, but at this rate, we could be in for a much longer, bumpier ride than we could have thought. [Reuters, Verge]

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