Hear Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury Sing A Duet, 33 Years Later

In 1981 Freddie Mercury recorded "There Must Be More to Life Than This," which originally featured additional vocals from Michael Jackson. The song was eventually released without Jackson's voice, but thanks to the new compilation Queen Forever, you can finally hear Freddie and Michael together.


I admit, I got a little choked up listening to the incredibly recognizable voices of these two men who both died unnaturally young, almost two decades apart. When producer William Orbit began to remix the tracks he had a similar emotional response. "Hearing Michael Jackson's vocals was stirring. So vivid, so cool, and poignant, it was like he was in the studio singing live," he told Rolling Stone. "With Freddie's vocal solo on the mixing desk, my appreciation for his gift was taken to an even higher level."

Looks like there are plenty more never-before-heard gems from Mercury's studio on this album, too. Queen Forever comes out November 10. [Soundcloud, Rolling Stone]

Update: The Soundcloud link has been removed, trying to find another version.

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Photo by Neal Preston/CORBIS via BrianMay.com


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