Heat-Sensitive Knickers Don't Make Me Hot Today

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Normally, I would get excited about these pants with a daisy that changes color when next to your hot hot skin. But it's Monday today, and Monday's the day I do the washing and the ironing. Tuesday is J.'s day for LEGO—he's currently attempting to do the Kama Sutra out of bricks, Wednesday we're watching all Flight of the Conchords episodes back-to-back, Thursday I'm teaching the dog how to mow the lawn, Friday is National Morris Dancers Day, Saturday I'm learning how to make a lava lamp using a paperclip, boogers, an old milk bottle and our bedside lamp. So, it'll have to be Sunday. Hang on, I've just seen the price. Thirty bucks? I feel a headache coming on. [Ethical Superstore]


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@GeekyNerdGuy: "I guess we already have a pretty good indicator of when we're in the mood."

Good indicator that a guy is in the mood: He is breathing.

God bless men. :)