Helicopter incredibly rescues a man trapped on a crane after explosion

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Here's where you don't want to find yourself in the freezing cold after a building explosion: stranded on top of a freaking crane with no way to go down because of said explosion. Luckily, you can go up. What? Yes, up. Like a scene from some impossible 80's action movie, a guy trapped on top of a crane was rescued by helicopter after a fiery explosion on the ground. Amazing.

Twitter user @ChrisInKingston snapped the incredible shot of the crane operator being saved by a helicopter. It's always surprising to me how nimble choppers can be. It's like they can tip toe on air or something.


The crane operator was stuck for two hours because of an explosion in a student housing building under construction in Kingston, Canada. You can see him in this terrifying picture below (also taken by @ChrisInKingston). According to construction workers who spoke with Morganne Campbell of CKWS TV, the crane could have toppled over at any minute. Nuts.


CKWS TV reported that flames were shooting out above the building, burning propane tanks were exploding left and right and people in nearby buildings were being evacuated. Just a scary, scary moment for everyone involved. Good thing the guy on the crane got out of there in time.

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