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Helio, the cellphone company with mySpace on their speedy 3G handsets, has always offered unlimited data, but without any way to get that net-link to your laptop. Until now. This PCMCIA card rocks EVDO, good for 700kbps downloads, and WiFi that comes with access to Boingo hotspots. Not bad for $85 dollar a month. And the card is free with a 2-year contract. Woohoo!

Two things on our mind: Is this EVDO card compatible with the faster Revision A networks due out this fall? And since most data plans cost $80 bucks, according to our report on cellular data. So keeping it in that ballpark is a deal if you're adding in hot spot connectivity.


We like it a lot, even if no one we know needs WiFi in a card, since most have em built in.