Hello Kitty Ferrari: The Original

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Ryan Alexander writes:

Greetings Gizmodo. Someone posted a link to the picture of the pink Hello Kitty Testarossa on www.Ferrarichat.com where I'm a paid sponsor. I made that image of the Hello Kitty Testarossa as a wedding gift for a friend in Hong Kong... yes, it's just a photoshop. His fiancee loved Hello Kitty and I was teasing him that she would get to the car eventually.

I'll attach a copy of the smaller picture I posted on the internet (it was a very large hi-res file). I saw the page you linked to, and they have wiped out my titling on the lower corner of the picture and changed the wheels of the car (you can see the concrete is in tact, and the wheels look are 512tr wheels). I don't mind having the picture up (in fact I'm flattered it has found it's way around the web), but I would be grateful if you could acknowledge me and post a link to my business, www.ryalexdesign.com.


I cropped the picture again myself, but I've added the full-size image intact at the link below. To know this isn't real breaks my little candy heart open.

Hello Kitty Ferrari Original [Gizmodo]

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