Hello Kitty Microwave is Your Worst Nightmare

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Picture this: you're on a date, it's going really well, and she invites you back to her place for coffee. You're excited; you think things are going great. Then, you get to her apartment and you see that she has a Hello Kitty microwave. Oh, sweet mother of god, no.


Because, really, is there a bigger dealbreaker than that? Could you really imagine becoming romantically involved with someone who spent over $300 on a microwave bedazzled with Hello Kitty artwork? Imagine the mix of emotions you'd feel, from anger to betrayal to pity. Oh, the horrors. Is there a dealbreaker on par with this? I think it's up there with a bed completely covered in stuffed animals, and if both appeared in the same home I'd be unable to keep myself from running screaming from the premises. Dating is dangerous business. [Product Page via Shiny Shiny]



I would'nt worry too much about a woman who had one of these, other than her horrible taste.....BUT...if I dated a man who had one, this oven spells trouble, er, um, it spells closeted.....