Hello Kitty Space Invaders Cell Phone Strap

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Hello Kitty and Space Invaders are both pop culture icons from Japan in the 1970s, but nobody thought to put them together—until now. Here we see the two have made sweet love and bred a Space Invaders-Hello Kitty cell phone strap. Classic.


Hello Kitty Meets Space Invaders [TokyoMango]

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I'm feeling especially philosophical about this topic, today.

Okay, so I realize that cellphone straps are a little like keychains in that they permit the user to easily personalize a ubiquitous item like a cellphone or a keyring. If you switch phones, you can schlep your stap over to the new one. If you're out to lunch or something with a bunch of folks and there's a rumbling of the telecom pile on the table, it's an easy reach to grab yours and check it out. Great. Very handy.

Does it really qualify as a gadget, though? It doesn't -=do=- anything, or at least not anything more than a piece of string or tape. I suppose that those little wineglass charms do about the same thing, but are they gadgets?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the saccharine-sweet, unabashedly sunshiny Sanrio franchise. It's a fantastically cute bit of marketing culture. Love it. My warhammer clan sports Hello Kitty toting an AK as our banner. My question is more about whether cellphone straps are gadgets. Methinks not, but I'm willing to hear alternate perspectives.