Here are all of the world's biggest ships at sea

If you take the Empire State building, flipped it over to the side, and then put it in the ocean, it would be smaller than some of the world’s largest ships. That’s how big these behemoths of the sea are, more gigantic than skyscrapers. Oil tankers, container ships, pipe-laying vessels, yachts, sailing boats, cruise ships and more, we’ve got all the world’s largest ships still in service today. At times, the scale is just unfathomable.


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The-Ever-Socially-Apathetic TBAL

I’ve been on Oasis of the Seas.

Have the trip was spent on stabilizers. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more nauseous in my entire life.

On the plus side, being stuck on a ship with a bunch of beautiful women is never a bad thing.