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Here's a Car You Assemble Entirely By Hand

Most of us will never build our own car from scratch. Hell, most of us can't even hack together Ikea furniture. Understanding that, Toyota has built a prototype for the Camatte57s, a car you assemble yourself very easily, apparently.


Get this—the compact three seater is supposedly so simple to cobble together, you could do it with your kids. Oh, and your kids should be able to drive the thing too. Because it's actually sort of a toy. But it's the kind of toy that doesn't look like a toy. It's like the set of Hot Wheels you never had.

Toyota designed the Camatte57s with pedals and seats that can be adjusted to their little legs. Meanwhile, an adult can still fit in the right rear seat supervising. The good news about a car that kids can drive, they can't drive it on the street because, well, it's a toy. Some assembly required. [Toyota via RocketNews via DesignTaxi]

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