Here's a Playhouse That's Wrong, Very Wrong

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Sculpturist Dietrich Wegner created a playhouse for children that resembles a mushroom cloud. Yes, this is the same formation you would find after the detonation of an atomic bomb.


Wegner created the structure using Poly-fil, rope, wood and steel. According to him and perhaps other adults, it represents the contradiction of "two conflicting ideas." But for kids its one fantastic place to play. Seriously, it's mushroom cloud playhouse, what more could you want? [Laughing Squid


For those saying it just looks like a regular cloud here is a different version, which you would be hard pressed to not call a mushroom cloud.

At any rate, I don't particularly care if this is "right" or "wrong". It's art. If he added Satan and Jesus to having sex inside it, I still wouldn't care. It's still art and only a few short days after I close this tab I will have probably forgotten about it and it will not affect my life one way of the other.

I will say though, it definitely looks fuzzy and fun for a playhouse.