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For the critically unhip who don't know their way around even the simplest of hip-hop slang, RapGenius is something of a translator, cataloging the ins and outs of the genre's jargon, and spoon-feeding it to squares like me. And what could be more packed with impenetrable slang than the "lyrics" to the iTunes Terms of Service agreement?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the iTunes TOS (by the Hella Apple Lawyers) doesn't have much flow, but that hasn't stopped someone from throwing it up on RapGenius for a much needed explanation, yo. Don't expect a particularly straight-faced interpretation of legalese here, but rather a more cynical and profanity-laden interpretation of the mammoth TOS. You know, the kind of interpretation you need. And the wiki-based system means it'll only get better with time.


The iTunes TOS isn't the only non-rap on RapGenius. You can check out a (less funny) translation of the transcript from the first presidential debate, too. That said, the Hella Apple Lawyers drop the sickest rhymes; I can't wait for their next single, "Scroll down to read the updated agreement." [RapGenius via CNET]

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