If you're fortunate enough to use one of the handful of smartphones that natively support the Qi wireless charging standard—or have even opted for a case that adds that functionality—MugenPower's now got a backup battery that lets you leave all your charging cables at home.

The Mugenizer N11—yep, that's what it's called—features an inductive charger on top that lets you top off a Qi-compatible device by simply stacking the two together. The $70 N11's 4800mAh battery isn't the largest on the market by any stretch, but it's still more than enough to bring a dead smartphone back to life, while still remaining slim and pocketable. And don't worry, it's also got a microUSB port so you can charge other devices with a primitive cable like some technophile caveman. [MugenPower via Ubergizmo]