Here's a Wireless Charger That's as Thin as Your Phone

If you're fortunate enough to use one of the handful of smartphones that natively support the Qi wireless charging standard—or have even opted for a case that adds that functionality—MugenPower's now got a backup battery that lets you leave all your charging cables at home.

The Mugenizer N11—yep, that's what it's called—features an inductive charger on top that lets you top off a Qi-compatible device by simply stacking the two together. The $70 N11's 4800mAh battery isn't the largest on the market by any stretch, but it's still more than enough to bring a dead smartphone back to life, while still remaining slim and pocketable. And don't worry, it's also got a microUSB port so you can charge other devices with a primitive cable like some technophile caveman. [MugenPower via Ubergizmo]


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