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Here's an Idea for HD DVD: Just Give Up

Illustration for article titled Heres an Idea for HD DVD: Just Give Up

Even if you don't take Hitler's word for it, you probably have the feeling that Blu-ray has won, following Warner Bros.' decision to ditch HD DVD. Questex analyst Thomas K. Arnold has a real innovative solution:

"I'm hoping Toshiba, Universal and Paramount will take the high road and, for the good of the entire industry, bow out [of HD DVD]. Universal and Paramount, in particular, need to jump on the Blu-ray Disc bandwagon so we can go into the new year with a unified front and a unified mission: To educate consumers about the advantages of high-definition media and convince them the time to transition from standard DVD to Blu-ray is the day they bring that HDTV into their home."


Oh, so it's about consumers now, eh Tom? Who'da thunk it? [Home Media Magazine via HDTV UK]

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@proxops-pete: Dude, chill. The format war was good. It brought prices down quick. It taught Sony another lesson, one they have learned repeatedly over the last 5 years or so with all of their various proprietary gear, codecs, etc. They are coming around. We don't need to beat this drum forever. Besides, the writing is on the wall now. HD-DVD has nothing left to fight for, at least not when it comes to mainstream movies. They can surely find a niche in PC storage and whatnot, and should not give up. But they also should not expect to continue to fight the movie disc war. All the content providers are going Blu.