Here's How OkCupid Uses Math to Find Your Match

Everyone you know has an online dating profile and if they say they don't they are lying to you. We can poke fun at it all we want, but there's actually a mathematical formula behind the digital match-making.

In this video, one of OkCupid's founders, Christian Rudder, explains how his site's algorithm works. When two people join the site, of course their shared interests are taken into account. These internet romance mathematicians look at that info as data, which they crunch through some equations to hopefully find you someone you'll like. Sure attraction is abstract, but as far as OkCupid is concerned, either your next random hookup or your lifelong match could be found by running some numbers. [TED-Ed]

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I suppose pointing out that I don't use online dating services is going to be futile? I dunno, I'd just prefer to meet people (even randomly) in person. I can't judge someone at all from a picture online, but put be in a room with them, and I can more or less read their character in a few minutes.