Here's the First Instagram of North Korea (Probably)

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Kim Jong Un's hip, young reign over North Korea continues today as the mobile operator Koryolink officially turns on its data services, opening the gate to Instagram, Foursquare, and Twitter, among other social apps.


In true North Korean style, though, only foreigners will be able to access the network, leaving locals to continue sepia-toning their weekly meal in their heads for the time being. Still, this is a major step forward for the notoriously internet-restrictive country, and this may or may not (but probably not) be due, in part, to a recent visit by Google CEO Eric Schmidt over this very topic.

Jean H. Lee, head of the Associated Press bureau in Korea, sent out the first North Korean tweet (that we're aware of, there may have been others) from a mobile device.

The image at the top soon followed as the (also potential) first ever Instagram, which Lee described as a sign "welcoming nuclear test scientists." And a beautiful welcome it is. Whether the gloomy filter is the work of "Earlybird" or the country's collective, crippling sadness, however, remains yet to be determined. [@newsjean via The Next Web]



Here's a question: Is it possible to leave N Korea as a citizen?