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Here's What Happens When You Hit a Smart Covered iPad 2 With a Golf Club

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh God. Why would they do such horrific things to a beautiful iPad 2? It's like a child to me. And here they are, subjecting it to unforgivably brutal impact tests, just to see how well the Smart Cover protects.

See them dropping an unprotected iPad 2 face down on concrete? Agrhrrhhghrhg, the CARRRRRRRRRNAGE (but the covered iPad 2 did survive). See them dropping the covered iPad from shoulder height. They permanently scarred its beautiful face (NOOOOOOOOOO). And the golf club. That evil golf club. The footage of what that stick of doom did to that iPad will haunt my dreams for years. [SquareTrade via TUAW via Wired]