Here's What People Used Before LCDs

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In the 1950s folks didn't have snazzy LCD displays, but they did have cold cathode neon readout tubes. Let's take a look inside one of the more popular brands of these tubes—the NIXIE—and marvel over its clever design


These photos are from a teardown conducted by the folks of Evil Mad Scientist Labs and they show the inner workings of a nixie tube—complete with the little stacks of numbers. You can check out more photos and learn more about the magic of these old-school displays over on the Evil Mad Scientist site. [Evil Mad Scientist via Core77]


Andy "What?" M-S

1950s? Let's try early 1970s. Look at a Wang calculator from the period some time, or a ham operator's digital display. This is how they were done.

I first heard of LEDs (as discrete "bulbs") sometime around 1970 (in Model Rocketry magazine, no less!), though by '73 or '74 the seven-segment display was starting to show up everywhere.