Yamaha just introduced the EC-03, their new Zero-Emission Electric Scooter that's primed to save the world. Well, at least Asia. The EC-03 is cheaper than most its competitors and apparently highly desirable in Asia's crazy-for-scooters market.

The EC-03 actually marks the return of Yamaha to the electric motorcycle market. Way back in 2002 they were the first to mass produce an electric motorcycle but they stopped in 2007 because of battery problems. But the problems are fixed now! The EC-03's 50V lithium ion battery from Sanyo can last 26.6 miles on a single six-hour charge.


And since its fully electric with zero emissions, it'll do less damage to our precious environment. If millions in Asia do adopt the EC-03 like anticipated, citizens of Asia can go back to breathing that oxygen thing. It's expected to cost $2,800 when it launches in September in Japan. [PhysOrg]

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