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Here's Your First Official Look at Civil War's Big Villain, Baron Zemo

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Considering we’ve seen or heard of absolutely nothing since Daniel Brühl was cast in Captain America: Civil War as the long-time Cap foe Baron Helmut Zemo, it’s kind of surprising how incredibly nondescript this first-ever look at him actually is. Not even a purple face mask in sight.

Yes, you’d be hard-pressed to imagine that the below picture is of Civil War’s main villain if I hadn’t told you already, considering that it’s just... well, Daniel Brühl with some glasses on. Especially if you were expecting something more along the lines of the leader of the Masters of Evil’s comic book appearance (above), which is significantly more villainous.


I can see why that’s not the case... but it’s still kinda disappointing. The picture, revealed by Entertainment Weekly, also included a brief snippet of information about Zemo—to no surprises, he’s part of the driving force behind the scenes that turns the Avengers against each other. That’s what villains do, after all!

You can head on over to EW at the link below to see a few more pictures, including another shot of The Vision in a sweater, which we have previously established as perhaps the best thing about Civil War.


Civil War arrives in theaters May 6th.

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