Hey Apple, Make The iPad Arcade Possible Already

The iPad, the future of computing, touchscreen this, touchscreen that, yadda yadda, blahblahblah. BLAH. What about connecting it to a joystick to get an instant mini-arcade machine? That's what Hideyoshi Moriya did, using Arduino circuitry and cardboard. Imagine the possibilities:

Illustration for article titled Hey Apple, Make The iPad Arcade Possible Already

That was an April Fools' Day joke by Think Geek, but Moriya's hack is very real. I would like to get his idea and make a cabinet like the one above. Actually, that's not what I want. What I want is someone to do it for me. Make a deal with arcade game manufacturers and release such a cabinet with an official MAME emulator—with Galaga, Burgertime and Donkey Kong ROMs, please.

Apple's iOS already supports peripherals—and jailbroken iPads can use Bluetooth controllers—so it's perfectly doable. It only needs the OK from Apple, and the iPad will become the most complete game machine to go. [TUAW]


Patrick O'Neill

You should dig a bit deeper. This is possible today. The iPad supports Bluetooth and USB keyboards without jail breaking. The app developers just need to write a game that supports keyboard input for controls and then someone can make a joystick that outputs keyboard codes over BT or USB and you are done.

Apple does not need to change a thing.