Hey, Do We Have Your 10-Year-Old Android Phone? (Update: Oops!)

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Photo: Mario Aguilar (Gizmodo)

A few weeks back my coworker Mario Aguilar set about buying the first ever Android phone to commemorate the mobile OS’s 10 year anniversary. He succeeded, and the T-Mobile G1 came with a surprise—a micro SD card with exactly 11 mp3s on it. So the question we’re left with is, hey, do we have your phone? [Please see the update below.]

Aftermarket sellers tend towards wiping devices to prevent your sensitive information from falling into the hands of whoever buys these old devices. Not the case here! Rather than shame the seller, we made a playlist of ten of the songs (the 11th, “Karma” by The Construction Brothers, seems to only be available on Reverb Nation) to see if this jogs any memories. Were you, in 2008, deep into Kid Sister and Flight of the Concords? It’s entirely possible your phone is now our phone.


There’s one odd wrinkle to this eclectic micro-library, and that’s the file modification date of these songs. Though the G1 was first released to the public in October of 2008, all 11 files were added to the card between 11:25 and 11:45 a.m. on August 5th of that year. Was this Micro SD used in some other device previously? Is this an early Android software error? Did we buy a haunted phone? Only you, the previous owner of this pocket computer, can clear up this mystery for us.

Update 1:20 PM:

Ooops! Moments after publication, we learned that there was, in fact, nothing special about the 11 songs that seemed so delightfully different from each other. It turns out the songs came pre-loaded on all devices—so as we suspected, that August 5th date probably did have something to do with the early Android software.


Without this information, we’ll almost certainly never find the original owner of this device. I guess we’re keeping it.