Hey Internet Old Timers, What Was Life Like During the Web's Early Days?

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Before fiber optic cables, before Wi-Fi, before you got bombarded with enough AOL free trial CDs to build your family a (very weak and ineffective) home, the internet was a vastly simpler thing. So tell us, you internet pioneers, what was life like during the wild west days of the early internet?


We've heard a few examples of what it was like to be online during the 80s already, but now, dear, wizened readers, it's time to hear from you. Whether your fondest memories revolve around early BBSes, hours spent trolling Usenet, or thumbing through an actual, physical CompuServe Directory, we want to hear about 'em. So share your tales of internet firsts down below—it's time to let the nostalgia flow.



I remember dialing up BBS and trying to download pictures of naked girls (I was like 13). If you could find a good server (as in you would have to know their phone number), there would be a list of different file names, that you would have to type in to download that image. A single JPG could take a half an hour or more to download, and you would hope noone was trying to call you, because that would kick you offline. I don't think I actually got any real dirty pics, maybe a couple bikini shots, but for a 13 year old boy, that was AWESOME!!!!