Hi Guys, Tell Us Your iPad Launch Stories

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Hello Apple Store/Best Buy/Fedex/various other employees, we'd love to hear your iPad launch stories—what it'll be like to get an iPad at your fine establishment, any craziness (or awesomeness) you've witnessed, etc.


Hit us up here, and let us what's going down. We'll keep it as anonymous (or not!) as you'd like.

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What's funny about gizmodo readers is that the general sentiment towards the iPad is one of negativity, so this thread will get flooded with people saying they didn't buy it, why they didn't buy it, and how glad they are to still have their money. Filled with self-satisfaction, and bolstered by the opinions of others who feel the same, they will miss the point.

The general population is out throwing down cash and waiting in line, and the reviews are pretty damn good.

Coming to websites like this for conversations about the ins and outs of technology that can't be thoroughly discussed by the layman is great, but emulating Fox News by only listening to self-supporting opinions is silly.

Stop turning every article I read into a pseudo-troll fest with the same arguments.