Hideous Moth Smoke Detector Saves Lives Instead Of Destroying Clothing

Normally you'd do everything you can to rid your home of moths, lest they leave your clothes and other fabrics riddled with holes. But this over-sized facsimile is actually being sold as a stylish alternative to run-of-the-mill smoke detectors that you won't mind having perched to your ceilings.

Designed by Paola Suhonen, the $37 Lento is a photoelectric smoke alarm that comes in a small selection of colors to match or complement a room's decor. It adheres to walls or ceilings using removable 3M tape so installation is easy, and the moth's entire body serves as one large button for silencing false alarms or performing tests. A single battery keeps it running for five years, so all you have to worry about is coming to grips with these 'stylish' plastic bugs stuck all over your home.


[Finnish Design Shop via bookofjoe]

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