Hilariously impractical mohawk robot really hates wasps

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Meet Mohican, a humanoid robot with a punk coiffure whose arch-nemeses are angry wasps. A voice command sends Mohican up a ladder, and the bot then sprays insecticide via remote control. We're all for cyberpunk, but this is ridiculous.

This robot was invented by a one Professor Sekine from Utsunomiya, Japan. The robot stands at 5'6", is made of wood and lightweight metal, and takes its styling cues from the late Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics. We're not against punk robots, but assigning this robot household chores is the least punk directive possible. Then again, getting stung by wasps on purpose is extremely punk, as is building an entire humanoid robot that can be used for nothing but removing wasps. Let's call it a wash. Professor Sekine hopes to have people training with Mohican this spring.


[Asahi via Plastic Pals]