Hipmunk Flight Search for iPhone

There are plenty of tools for finding flights, but when you're doing it on your phone, a streamlined experience is of the essence. Hipmunk doesn't clutter up search with stuff you don't need and makes the most painless flight of the lot easy to find.


What is it?

Hipmunk Flight Search, Free, iPhone. A simple flight-finding app that doesn't bombard you with granular (and often unnecessary) options. Just tap where you're coming from—search by airport code or city name—where you're going, what dates you're travelling, and that's that. The results are displayed visually on a timeline, so it only takes a glance to see what part of the day you can expect to be in the air, and by default they're sorted by which will yield the least "agony," that is, the ones with the fewest, fastest layovers, shortest flight time and the like. You can also search by price, time of departure, etc.

Who's it good for?

People who find themselves overwhelmed by the countless features and never-ending options of some of the bigger travel sites; those who value agony-free travel.

Why's it better than alternatives?

The app is attractively simple to use, search-wise, and the timeline results layout makes it easy to scan results quickly. And if you've got trepidation about buying a thousand dollar flight on your phone, you can finish the transaction on your computer by going to a URL and typing in a unique passcode. And it's free.

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How could it be even better?

The app could stand to have a bit more visual polish—it can feel a little Microsoft Office 2000 at times.

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Hipmunk Flight Search, iPhone | iTunes

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doesn't have Southwest.... Boo!